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Jun 02, 2010

Testimonials on Counselling in Brisbane

Counselling in Brisabne. Testimonials from individuals and companies. How Breath of Life Counselling made a difference. Marriage counselling and corporate workshops

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Oct 17, 2009

Pre Marriage Counselling in Brisbane

Pre marriage counselling is part of the planning. How to ask the right questions. Bolcounselling talks about the purpose and benefits of premarriage counselling

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Oct 17, 2009

Anxiety and Fears


Over the years people have become more aware of Anxiety. I consider making sure that the you feel comfortable and safe is the most important part of the sessions we spend dealing with this.

Symptoms of anxiety can include having trouble breathing, finding your heart racing, feeling out of control, getting 'the shakes', or experiencing light headedness and dizzy spells.

Anxiety tends to have fear associated with it - Fear of spiders, fear of performing, fear of public speaking - even things such as fear of being around people.

The process in helping someone overcome anxiety is a gentle, patient proces. I believe in letting you, (as the individual experiencing anxiety), guide me, (as the counsellor), to where you feel safe to go.

Once you feel comfortable, then moving towards facing the fear begins. Again this is done at your chosen pace.

For example if a person experiences anxiety in crowds, then the long term aim would be to go into a crowd, but this is the goal not the first step. The first step has to be something small, something the individual will choose to start off with. We would commence with that.

Every session, is always about making sure that you feel safe and understood. What was good and safe last week may be scary today, so everything is approached at a gentle pace.

Remember anxiety is something we have all experienced at some stage of our lives, and there usually is a reason for it.

I know it happened that way for me. When I was a child my brother got scratched by a cat. For a long time I had a fear that all cats would scratch me - that is what happens, we tend to generalize, to everyone or thing.

I ended up marrying a man who just loved cats, and eventually, very slowly, I began to bond with his cat. What I am trying to say is not to marry someone who has a cat (of course!), but that there is a reason as to why we are afraid of something.

You may find it takes time to be completely cured, you may even think it won't happen. There are many encouraging cases of people who have overcome their fear. However, in some cases, it may take a little longer.

Oct 17, 2009

Humility and Blame

Humility does not point the finger at others but first looks within. Blaming is a reaction, but it does not solve the problem. BolCounselling in Brisbane give personal attention to your situation.

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Oct 03, 2009

Thinking of Marriage

When we think of getting married we usually think about the things involved in the process of marriage.

Things like buying the rings, choosing the cake, the dress, the suits and the bridesmaids. What food to serve, booking the hall and the honeymoon. We might even think ahead to buying a house.

All these things are of course very important. However, in the middle of all the planning, do we stop for a moment and consder the most important part of all -

How well do we know the person we are planning on marrying?

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